From the recordings What's Out There and What's Out There

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When I saw video of Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster convertible floating in space with a spacesuit-clad mannequin (named Starman} sitting in the driver's seat, I knew there was a song in there somewhere. And here it is.

Drums – Josh Hermsmeier
Bass – Rick Nash
Acoustic Guitar. 6 string banjo – Jeff Berkley
Electric Guitars – Doug Pettibone
Keyboards – Josh Weinstein
Backing Vocals - Lauren Leigh
Vocal – Dan Gindling


I’m gonna [G]fly me a Tesla
[C]point it toward the moon
[Am]Push the front seat way back
Give my [D]legs plenty of room

Elon Musk says it's important
“Please, don’t fool with the controls
“You’re in our self-flying convertible
“So, just sit back and
enjoy the [G]show”[C]
Enjoy the [G]show

I’m gonna fly me a Tesla,
check out all the stars
On the way I might as well
make a stop at Mars

There will be charging stations
scattered through deep space
I’ll pause and take a selfie
while I’m making
a funny face
A funny face

I’m gonna fly me a Tesla
hundred-thousand miles an hour
Hope my hair doesn't get mussed
My space food don't turn sour

It’ll be a years-long vacation
with a whole lot of fun
I'll pack space-approved sun screen
with a SPF of one thousand one
One thousand one

Yeah, I'm gonna fly me a Tesla
Gotta a real spaceman space suit
Air conditioning, heat knobs
and a port through which I can poop

Anyway, it's been nice to know you
I'll be blasting off real soon
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Hashtag: Tesla to the moon
Tesla to the moon
Tesla to the moon