From the recordings What's Out There and What's Out There

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I listened to Jason Mraz's "Look for the Good" album it seemed non-stop during the early months of the pandemic. This song (which came to me while on a bicycle ride) was heavily influenced by the songs on Mraz's album.

All Love Is Natural

Drums – Josh Hermsmeier
Bass – Rick Nash
Acoustic Guitar – Jeff Berkley
Electric Guitars – Doug Pettibone
Keyboards – Josh Weinstein
Backing Vocals - Lauren Leigh
Vocal – Dan Gindling


[E]All love is natural
like a mango hanging from a tree
Like a [A]wild ocean breeze
like holding [E]hands
you and me

All love is [B]natural
it's up there in the stars
No [A]matter where you're at
or who you are
Follow the [E]birds and bees

All love is natural
no matter what some damn book says
no matter with whom
you lay your head
Smile 'cause your love is being fed

All love is natural
You can feel its warmth
Grab hold for the ride
Let love light your torch
Let your heart be lead

All love is natural
You can sing it in any key
You can dance full-tilt-boogie free
Or slow waltz
as you please

All love is natural
Go ahead and do what you do
Be a super hero
Fight for what love means to you
Protect the life you see

[D]You don't need per[A]mission for who to [E]love
[D]No special [A]license, no stinkin' [E]badge
[C]There's a big world out there
[Cmaj7]Find those who care
[Em7]Combine the love you all [A7]have

All love is natural
The truth is right there in your eyes
Don't let your heart be compromised
Only listen
to what you feel inside

All love is natural
Come out and shout it proud
Shout it to the moon
Shout it loud
You've got nothing to hide

All love is natural
All love is natural
All love is natural
All love is natural