1. Our House

From the recordings What's Out There and What's Out There

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In 1955 (the year I was born) my parents bought a house in a small town just south of Indianapolis. The house stayed in our family until my Mom died in 2020, at the age of 90. While the house was being prepared to be sold, I wrote this song.

Drums – Josh Hermsmeier
Bass – Rick Nash
Electric Guitars – Doug Pettibone
Keyboards – Josh Weinstein
Backing Vocals - Lauren Leigh
Vocal – Dan Gindling


It was [D]our house
across from farm fields,
under [A]blue skies

It was [D]our house
Backyard barbecues
and [A]fireflies

[Em]In our home, where
[A]We laughed and felt safe
[Em]Dinners at five
[A]Graduations and birthdays

In [D]our house

It was our house
Black & white TV
and the moon walks

It was our house, S&H
Greenstamps and
bell bottom jeans talk

In our home, Mom cooked,
made us pick up our clothes
Dad smoked his pipe,
with the Reds on the radio

In our house

To our home we'd return from
snowy park sled rides
And yearly camp trips as far
as our Chevy would drive

To our house
To our house

It was our house,
love and friendship,
sisters and brothers

It was our house
Visits from aunts and uncles
Pot roast in the oven

In our home, family photos,
we're lined up by age
All of the joking,
playing cards and board games

In our house

One-by-one we left
Still Mom and Dad, they thrived
Six of us gone
Each to start a new life

Some of us in town
Some of us far away
We'd descend
on the house on Christmas day

And then Dad, he died
Mom carried on
keeping the house a home
where we felt loved and warm

She fell ill, then
she passed away
After 65 years, our home
went silent and
that's how it stayed

Until a new family moved in
Six kids, their mom and dad
Just like us
their house