From the recordings What's Out There and What's Out There

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This is a cleanse-my-mind song. I began writing it immediately after finishing a song about the murders at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. A frivolous song following a cowardly and senseless act.

Drums – Josh Hermsmeier
Bass – Rick Nash
Acoustic Guitar – Jeff Berkley
Electric Guitars – Doug Pettibone
Trombone – Andy Gieb
Keyboards – Josh Weinstein
Backing Vocals - Lauren Leigh
Vocal – Dan Gindling


[C] [Am] [F] [G]

I met this girl once and she said that
She'd been in love, but then
Her boyfriend done left her
Didn't know what she had done

She figured it was her fault
So she went to see a shrink
He had a pipe and a beard and a couch
She didn't know what to think

So she told him everything
She told him nothin’
Said she was from Ohio
She was really from Athens…Georgia

She wondered if it was legal
when he asked her for a date
Or just creepy, 'cause he was kinda old
or was it fate?

Walk to the water
She would walk to the water
Walk to the water
At night

Walk to the water
She would walk to the water
Walk to the water
At night

He brought his dog along
His name was Rufus
The dog was cool but the shrink
Was kind of a dufus

He tried to look into her eyes
Real sexy-like, at least that's what she thought
Then he started to sneeze
Ne started to cough

She thought she was going to have to do
that Heimlich thing on his chest
But then the dog jumped into his lap
And I wish she hadn't, but she told me the rest
Yeah, yeah, yeah, she told me the rest

The dog started licking his face
Then they started kissin’
Rufus and the shrink
Not her, her mind's not missin'

She was looking for a way out
Hell, just go for the door
So that’s what she did
And Rufus ran after her on all fours


Next thing she knew she was
down at the beach
She'd bought a box of Kibbles
Feeding Rufus all the treats

They've been together ever since
When the shrink gave him up
Said she needed Rufus more than he did
Now her life's not so messed up
No, no, no, no
Her life’s not so messed up

Well, I only saw her that once
So I don't know if she was tellin’ the truth
Or just feeding me a line
Or five or three or two

But she looked real happy
Rufus there by her side
Both sittin' on the beach
Watchin' surfers goin' out for rides