From the recordings What's Out There and What's Out There

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The last song I wrote for the album. The title popped into my head while on a bicycle ride and then I got into my outer space mode and started on the lyrics.

Drums – Josh Hermsmeier
Bass – Rick Nash
Acoustic Guitar – Jeff Berkley
Electric Guitars – Doug Pettibone
Keyboards – Josh Weinstein
Backing Vocals - Lauren Leigh
Vocal – Dan Gindling


I’m [Am/G]halfway to the moon
and I cannot tell a lie
I [G]feel your love’s gravity
trying to [D]pull me back to your bedside
I’ve [Am/G]journeyed much of my life through deep space
[G]Searching everywhere for your smile
I’m [D]halfway to the moon
And every [F]inch that separates [G]us,
feels like a million [Am]miles

I’ve [Am/G]been to Mars, left my bootprints there
Rubbed her red dirt into my hands
I’ve [G]circled Saturn’s rings
But someone [D]please help me understand
[Am/G]Why does my space travel fail to match
the [G]thrill I get with you on Earth’s land
I’m [D]halfway to the moon
But I’m [F]all the way to missing [G]you, missing being your [Am]man

[Dm]I never knew the power of [Am]love could be so strong
I’ve always [E]been so all alone, exploring [Am]space
then coming back to no one

But now the universe has launched you into my life
All the stars, the moon, the sky
All the stars, the moon, the sky
Have been dimmed by your light

I’m halfway to the moon, I wonder
if this mission will be my last
I dig my job but my heart keeps getting
transported straight to our past
To how I feel when caressed by your love
Wrapped in your cosmic charm
I'm halfway to the moon
And hoping soon I’ll be landing back into your arms


I'm halfway to the moon
I'm halfway to the moon
I'm halfway to the moon