Yesterday's Moon (2015)

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You can download the album from iTunes, and Amazon. You can also get an actual, real life CD from CDBaby or you can get a signed copy from me. The actual CD includes liner notes about the origin of each song.

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  • 01. That’s Just Me

    01. That’s Just Me

    I wrote this song as an encore song to my “Fingerprints” CD Release Party in 2013.   Walkin’ down the street just pulled my body …
  • 02. On Country Roads

    02. On Country Roads

    I grew up in central Indiana and in a five minute drive you can be out in the country. Visiting my family for Christmas 2013 …
  • 03. Maralee

    03. Maralee

    After listening to a folk musician at a local open mic I came home and wrote the music to this song. The next morning I …
  • 04. Cool Enough

    04. Cool Enough

    In a song-writing exercise called “The Game,” you get two phrases to choose from in which to write a song. Everyone then gets together and …
  • 05. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

    05. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

    The Ferguson, Missouri unrest sparked this song, although, it speaks of much more than just one incident. Hands up, don’t shoot You don’t have to …
  • 07. Because Wars Tool You

    07. Because Wars Tool You

    I wondered about the real cost of war 
while writing this song. Would you have been a writer, an artist, a troubador? Maybe a dancer, …
  • 08. Growing Up Rock & Roll

    08. Growing Up Rock & Roll

    I remembered standing on a grade school playground in 1968, holding a portable transistor radio to my ear and listening to The Beatles’ “Lady Madonna.” …
  • 09. She Walked Away

    09. She Walked Away

    Domestic violence was in the headlines, compliments of the NFL. She walked away from his beatings From his love and all his drunken [C]nights   …
  • 10. Lucky Me

    10. Lucky Me

    I realized the album had no love songs. I pulled out this song from 2011 and reworked the lyrics. It’s one of the first songs …
  • 11. Paper Thin

    11. Paper Thin

    During rehearsal the band complained that I needed “something different.” Well, here it is. I wrote this song after catching the last seconds of a …
  • 12. Yesterday’s Moon

    12. Yesterday’s Moon

    San Diego photographer, Dennis Andersen, mentioned to me one night that he was exhausted. He had been up the previous night getting that evening’s moon …
  • 13. Life Your Own Way

    13. Life Your Own Way

    Another song where I had the music for a while before I found the lyrics. After watching the “Mad Men” episode “Monolith” one night, the …

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