10. The Same Gun Show

May 3, 2015
Dad Gindling

I knew after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that I would write this song. One day, the opening riff came and I just started writing the lyrics. Some people misinterpret this song as an anti-gun song. It isn’t. It is an anti-gun violence song.

Can you hear the bullets flying?

Can you feel the children dying?

Can you understand all the rage?



Do we really need more guns?

Do we need firepower for everyone?

How can more violence make us safe?



Twenty-six dead in Newtown

Every day more and more kids gunned down

How much deeper must the blood pool grow

Before we get so sick of watching

The same gun show


Why does the NRA stiff the studies?

on gun violence, why do they freeze the monies?

What are they afraid will be revealed?


They say guns don’t kill people. What about all those dead

underneath church steeples?

When will the wailing drown the creed?




Do we really want to arm our teachers?

Glocks on belts, a classroom fashion feature

Do we give ‘em chalk and then do we give ‘em guns?


Where did our politicians lose their spines?

Why do they listen to just those who hold the dimes?

When will they give us prudent laws not worthless crumbs?




Why AK-forty-sevens?

Why gun clips to send 30 to Heaven?

Why no background checks on all gun sales?


Do we need bullets, or do we need answers?

Will doing nothing treat the cancer?

Or only pile more bodies along the trail?



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