02. Pulling Covers

May 3, 2015
Dad Gindling

This song came out of the blue. My life was going great and then all of the sudden I started writing this song about my wife Kimberlee’s death. It took me a week to write and I was depressed the entire week.

Tell me what happens

When someone dies

What are they thinking when

They close their eyes

Do they feel fear

Do they leave regrets

Tell me what happens

When there’s nothing

Nothing left

I watched her lay there

Watched her close her eyes

She took a breath

One last time before she died

What was she thinking

Did she feel alone

Did she know I loved her

Did she know I lied about me being strong


Sometimes I feel like

Crawling deep inside my head

Shutting out the world

Knowing nothing can be said


Sometimes I feel like

Crawling back into my bed

Hiding from the world

By pulling covers over my head

By pulling covers over my head

They wheeled her out

I closed the door

Cried buckets of tears

‘Till I had no more

What do you do

After you watch your lover die

What do you do

When you’re left with no more lies

So now I sit here

Looking four years back

Wondering about her

On that night her life left the tracks

Where did she travel to

If she traveled anywhere at all

I waited for her message

But she never made the call



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