11. Paper Thin

May 3, 2015
Dad Gindling

During rehearsal the band complained that I needed “something different.” Well, here it is. I wrote this song after catching the last seconds of a radio news show where the broadcaster mentioned something was “paper thin.” The drum beat was inspired by Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk.”

Inside his apartment’s refrigerator

Nothing there, heads down the elevator

Steps on the street and walks to a local bar


She exits a cab, stares in a store window

“Nice dress,” she says, then she comtinues

Looking for somewhere to hang her star



Paper thin, oh yeah

Paper thin, life is paper thin

Paper thin, uh-uh

Paper thin


He grabs a table, reads through the menu

Gazes the room, no one resembles

Anyone that he might know


She steps through a door and out of the night

Heads turn and to her delight

She knows she won’t be walking home alone




He gets his food, eats all alone

Drinks his beer, checks his phone

Glass is empty, voicemail is the same


She laughs and flirts, men buy her drinks

She makes the restroom, gives her time to think

Which man gains her number and her name


He orders a beer and then gets another

Sits back in his chair and begins to wonder

How his life went from photos to plain texts


She leaves with the man with the sexy eyes

Hand-in-hand they blend in the night

She smiles knowing where they’re heading next




He steps into the dark, black night

Into a couple holding each other tight

They say “Hi” “Hello” and cross the street unaware

That a car with a drunkard at the wheel

Aims at them, tires squeal

They freeze and into dual lights they stare



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