02. On Country Roads

May 3, 2015
Dad Gindling

I grew up in central Indiana and in a five minute drive you can be out in the country. Visiting my family for Christmas 2013 I returned home and wrote this song, my first song of 2014.

She always talked about the weather

She always cried when it rained real hard

We’d find shelter in my Chevy

We’d sit in that old car

Windshield wipers slapping hard

On country roads

On country roads


We’d drive alone

past the corn fields

We’d drive alone

under clear blue skies

We’d talk and laugh and breath so easy

We’d fill each others lives

We found our love survived

On country roads

On country roads



On country roads ya forget the future

No need to travel through the past

On country roads you go with your feelings

No need for makeup on,

no need for fancy suits of clothes

On country roads

On country roads


She left one night

for the city

She left that night

I knew she’d never return

We hugged and cried out our goodbyes

Then rain started pourin’ down

Washed our love into the ground

On country roads

On country roads


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