13. Life Your Own Way

May 3, 2015
Dad Gindling

Another song where I had the music for a while before I found the lyrics. After watching the “Mad Men” episode “Monolith” one night, the next morning the words came out.


They say, you’re living life all wrong

I say, you’re living to your own song

They say, can’t you figure it out?

I say, figuring is what life’s about



No matter what they say

Go out and live life your own way


They say, live like this

I say, life doesn’t follow a list

They say, don’t live like that

I say, and you’re the one to rap





Who you love

And why you love

And when you love

That’s all up to you


The love you give

is how you live

and what makes

you unique and true




They say, come on follow me

I say, hurry, run, flee

They say, We’ve got your back

I say, watch for those sneak attacks


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