08. Growing Up Rock & Roll

May 3, 2015
Dad Gindling

I remembered standing on a grade school playground in 1968, holding a portable transistor radio to my ear and listening to The Beatles’ “Lady Madonna.”

When we were young we all wanted to be Elvis
The way he swayed his hips back and forth
And what about John Lennon and the Beatles
Fans screamed until they became hoarse

Rock ‘n’ roll
We listened loud
Rock ‘n’ roll
We listened proud
Rock ‘n’ roll
Couldn’t get enough of that sound
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Back then our music came from a radio
On the playground held transistors to our ears
When The Kinks or The Doors started playing
We sang out loud so everyone could hear


Years later, we drove around in our Chevys
with FM radio and eight-track tapes
Then casettes came, we thought we were living
Music grabbed us wouldn’t let us escape

Music was our creed
We lived it and we breathed
Made life to the beat
Of rock ‘n’ roll

We all owned turntables and piles of albums
Listened to one, grab another from the rack
At the record stores we’d hear new music
Pay four bucks, add a fresh album to the stack


When CDs arrived life became easy
No more getting up to flip the LP
Clicks and scratches suddenly vanished
All the music played clear and clean


Fast forward to downloads and iPhones
We’ve got music everywhere in our lives
But I still think back to my childhood
When we were new and the music was right


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